Why Anthony is the Choice



Hard-working, Fiscally Responsible Mayor: Balanced eight straight budgets; led successful efforts to preserve open space. 

Popular and Effective State Assembly Member: A champion for government reform; and for public education, from kindergarten through college. 

Husband, Father and Community Volunteer: Married, with two children; actively supports dozens of civic organizations – from AYSO, to PTA, to Kiwanis. 

Educator, Activist and State Commissioner: Teaches leadership and public policy at USC. Serves on the California State Film Commission.



In the State Assembly, Anthony was known for his independence and integrity. At a time of financial crisis, he led by example: refusing a salary increase and turning down costly “perks” like a state-purchased district car. 

Anthony also won state-wide respect for opposing back-room budget deals that slashed education and local government. Despite punishment from legislative leaders, he refused to betray his principles. Editorials across California praised his courage and his stand for reform.



Anthony has worked for years – both in the Legislature and as a private citizen – on critical issues like job creation, AIDS research, environmental protection, strengthening public education, and safeguarding human and civil rights. 

His strong stands and passionate advocacy have earned the support of groups like the California Labor Federation, the Sierra Club, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the National Organization of Women California, the California Teachers Association, and Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley.

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