Public Transportation

The San Gabriel Valley is plagued with serious local and regional transportation issues, as well as blessed with terrific opportunities.  Completing the Gold Line to the Ontario Airport and supporting and finishing the work of ACE will continue to be a priorities for Anthony, while solving the 60 year-old challenges within the 710 corridor will also be an important focus.  Anthony was responsible for the important State Audit of the Caltrans properties in the 710 corridor which resulted in significant changes to Caltrans management practices and a cost savings for the state. Anthony advocacy was instrumental in making the Cost Benefit Analysis for the 710 tunnel available for public review.

Anthony believes that the limited Measure R tax dollars allocated for the San Gabriel Valley should be used on solving local transportation problems instead of being wasted on the 710 tunnel. Anthony has long been recognized as a strong leader opposed to the 710. He wants to redirect efforts to light rail, multi-mode solutions, and toward actual resolution of local transportation needs and problems, instead of the un-financeable tunnel that will exacerbate our local/ regional traffic air pollution and not lead to important construction trade jobs. By focusing on actually solving the acute problems in the San Gabriel Valley we can put men and women back to work.