Legislative Highlights & Success

Public Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

Anthony is best known as the author of AB 34 and AB 52. These two bills established and funded the California Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program. Umbilical cord blood is commonly used to cure leukemia and other blood-related diseases. Cord Blood stem cells are 100 times easier to match to a patient than bone marrow. California has the most diverse population in the world making it the perfect place to collect cord blood stem cells. Prior to Anthony’s legislation, 98% of all cord blood was discarded as medical waste after birth. Because of Anthony’s efforts, the University of California Davis is collecting cord blood stem cells for use by the general public. Anthony was recognized by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as Legislator of the Year and by the National Marrow Donor Program for his work on cord blood.

Protecting Students From Diploma Mills

Anthony authored AB 48, which reestablished the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education. This bureau is charged with oversight over many of the “for profit” colleges in California. AB 48 also created a student recovery fund to help students who have lost money from unscrupulous schools. In order to achieve this important legislative success, Anthony had to work with Republicans and Democrats to pass this bill. Several attempts to reauthorize the bureau by other legislators, including members of leadership had failed. Anthony’s success protecting our students through AB 48 is another example of his leadership and effectiveness and another reason why we need him in Sacramento.

Student Financial Aid

Anthony is passionate about helping students. He worked closely with the Campaign for College Opportunity on AB 668, a bill that maximized federal and state financial aid. It created an initiative to improve low community college participation rates. He also helped clarify Cal Grant B issues through the passage of AB 2260. Anthony is continuing his efforts to streamline the financial aid process in California. The current duplicative system leaves hundreds of millions of dollars on the table every year.

Fellowship Opportunities for our Best and Brightest

As the author of AB 573, Anthony joined with the California Council on Science and Technology on a Sacramento fellowship that brings science professionals into the capitol, at no cost to taxpayers. Anthony realized that far too often, the state is regulating science without the science experts. Having PH.Ds in the capitol every year helps bring a level of science expertise to Sacramento that has been lacking for decades.

Anthony is also the author of ACR 21, which called upon the University of California to create academic partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Anthony brought together the UC Business School Deans and African American leaders, advocates and educators, to form a highly competitive Leadership Fellowship at the UC Business Schools for students from HBCUs and HSIs, Hispanic Serving Institutions. The Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders (SIEML) is now in its fourth year.

Senior Issues

Anthony was recognized by Aging Services of California for his authorship of AB 123. This bill made it easier to bring more supportive services to older Californians living in affordable living arrangements. In addition, Anthony received recognition from the Solheim Lutheran Homes for his advocacy on behalf of seniors.

Protecting our Children and Neighborhoods

Anthony authored AB 1361, which banned trucks on the Angeles Crest Highway forever decreasing the likelihood of another tragic accident that claimed a father and young daughter. He also authored AB 1662 to bring tax relief to homeowners who suffered property damage due to the Station Fire and the ensuing mud slides. Recognizing the impact that tragedies sometimes have on the families of the brave men and women who are often called to protect us, Anthony authored AB 384, to offer survivor benefits for the families of federal firefighters who have lost their lives fighting California wildfires. Several years ago, five federal firefighters were killed fighting to keep our communities safe. Anthony wanted to make sure that their families received the same protections that state, local and county firefighters deserve and receive.

Anthony also worked with the State and Local PTA on a bill to protect our children from the inaction of peers during times of crisis. AB 1999 offers immunity to minors who call 911 to bring emergency medical treatment to a teen in need. It was widely viewed as one of the most important child safety bills passed in recent years.