Jobs & Economic Growth

The connection between educational opportunities, academic attainment and a healthy economy, are direct and discernible.  We must ensure that all of our students have access to our community colleges and universities, with the opportunity to achieve success. Anthony wants to correlate academic opportunities with our workforce needs. As the overall health of our economy improves, the need for well-trained professionals, from the building trades to emergency room healthcare professionals, will be imperative. As our workforce increases in age, we must increase the number of educated workers to fill this void, and support the economy. Having a specific knowledge of our workforce needs for the next four decades will help us tailor academic programs to meet those needs.

Small businesses are of immense importance to the 25th District and Anthony is proud to be endorsed by the California Small Business Association. As he did in the Assembly, Anthony will look at creative incentives to lower workers compensation costs without sacrificing worker protection. Anthony will continue to be a champion of the working men and women in California, while endeavoring to make our business climate more competitive.



Anthony came to California from New Jersey to pursue a career in entertainment where he worked for many years. As an Assemblymember, he collaborated with the DGA, SAG, Studios and Craft Guilds on issues related to our core industry. Anthony was a strong supporter of the entertainment tax incentives to keep filming in California and he is a member of the California Film Commission, which is implementing those credits. In the Senate, he will continue to value our creative economy and will work to protect and encourage entertainment industry jobs that are the livelihood of Burbank.

Anthony’s wife, Ellen, spent many years at Disney and is currently joined by their daughter Sofia as proud employees of Warner Bros.