Friend of the Entertainment Industry

A former filmmaker, and current California Film Commissioner, Anthony has a significant understanding of film entertainment. Anthony has strongly supported keeping filming in California. He has been called upon to work with the DGA, SAG, Teamsters and other guilds as well as the studios on a broad array of issues concerning the entertainment industry. Anthony was a solid supporter of creating the Entertainment Tax Credit Program that has successfully issued over $700 million dollars of incentives for California film production.  As the Chair of the Committee on the Preservation of California’s Entertainment Industry, Anthony held an important hearing that highlighted the economic benefit of filming in California and the actual success of the film tax credit program.

Prior to public service, Anthony produced the film Time of Tears and worked for many years as an Art Director on the NBC show Unsolved Mysteries. Anthony’s wife, Ellen, is an executive at Warner Brothers and his daughter Sofia graduated from UCSB with a degree in Film and Media.  Upon graduation, Sofia followed in her father’s footsteps and is a young professional working in the business. Several of the videos linked to this web page were edited by Sofia.

California Film Commission