Antonovich's Urban Myths

Wait.  Anthony's Anti-Education?


Hardly. Here's the real story.

In the depths of the great recession, California faced a deficit of many billions of dollars, and was required by law to balance the budget. Governors Brown and Schwarzenegger along with Democrats in the Legislature wanted to meet the crisis with a combination of spending cuts and higher taxes to fund education.

Republicans flatly refused to raise taxes, knowing full well that the only alternative was to make painful cuts in education, health-care and other vital services. After multiple failed attempts at compromise with Republicans, Governors Schwarzenegger and Brown asked the Legislature to close the deficit with across-the-board cuts.

Mike Antonovich supported his party's no-tax stance at the time. Now he's attacking Anthony Portatino for taking the only fiscally responsible steps available to clean up the mess created by Antonovich and his party.

What he doesn't mention is the sequel: In 2011, as the recession was easing, and after schools had already taken deep cuts, Anthony Portantino took a very public and courageous stance against further cuts to public education. He refused to vote for the proposed State Budget -- the only Democrat in the Assembly to do so -- and he was harshly punished for doing so by the leadership of his own party.

Anthony took the heat and the punishment, but wouldn't back down an inch in his support for our public schools and colleges. That's a major reason why every major statewide educational organization that has offered an endorsement supports Anthony for State Senate -- and why Mike Antonovich's attacks are not only wildly misleading but deeply hypocritical.

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