Civil Rights Leaders

“As I travelled to the University of California at San Diego with former Assemblyman, Anthony Portantino, an Italian American, I couldn’t help but realize that there were fifty majority Blacks there. They were recruited from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There was not one Italian student. Portantino realizes that qualified Black students need an extra push to opportunity, and he is willing to give that push. He is a soldier in the Black Lives Matter movement with no motivation other than it is the right thing to do.”
Joe Hopkins, Publisher, Pasadena Journal, Published August 12, 2015

Barbara Bigby – Past President, Altadena NAACP

Joe Brown – Past President, Pasadena NAACP

Lynda Burns – Chair, Glendale Commission on the Status of Women

Gene Campbell – Activist

Juanita De Vaughn –Founder, Altadena ACT SO

Dr. Hilarie Dyson – Altadena NAACP

Dr. Greg Edwards – Past President, Altadena NAACP

Rev. John Forney – Activist

Mike Gomez – Activist

Gerda Govine – Community Activist

Nancy Guillen – Community Activist

Ralph Hurtado – Community Activist

Felicia Kademian – Chair, Pasadena Human Relations Commission

Irma Munoz – Mujeres de La Tierra

Nat Nehdar – Pasadena Human Relations Commission

Yuny Parada – Community Activist

Mrs. Mack Robinson – Legendary Community Activist

Keith Rohman – Past President, LA Human Relations Commission

Marsha Rood – Activist

Gail Rolf – Educator and Activist

Tecumseh Shackelford – Community Activist

Jalal Sudan – Past President, Altadena NAACP

Sameha Sudan – Altadena NAACP

Virginia Uribe – Founders Project 10/Models of Pride

Sahag Yedalian – Pasadena Human Services Commission

* All titles are for identification purposes only. No organizational endorsements implied unless otherwise noted above.

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