A Clear Choice for South Pasadena


Anthony Portantino has stood with South Pasadena 

Anthony will be a Senator we can trust. From the very beginning, he’s been part of the fight to save our community by opposing the 710 Freeway. His position couldn’t be clearer: No surface route. No tunnel. No freeway. And Anthony has done much more than talk. He’s marched with us; worked with us to devise legislative strategies; helped us battle Cal-Trans; and much more. He’s earned our trust. 

He knows our community and understands our issues 

The freeway’s important. But Anthony has never been a one-issue candidate. As the former mayor of a small town that values public education, he’s always felt at home in South Pasadena. He’s been a champion for our public schools and community colleges; a strong advocate for environmental protection; a fierce foe of the gun lobby and gun violence; and a leader in helping small businesses create good jobs. In short: he’s just the kind of leader South Pasadena needs in Sacramento.


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